6 Benefits of Turkey Meat for Health and Its Ingredients

Turkey Meat for Health – Turkey meat contains a variety of important nutrients that are good for body health. However, not all parts of turkey meat can provide health benefits. Therefore, understanding what parts of meat are safe to consume is also necessary.


Although not popular in Indonesia, consumption of turkey meat is quite common in several countries because it contains a variety of nutrients, one of which is high protein.

Apart from that, turkey meat is also considered more nutrient dense and healthier than red meat. It’s not surprising that some people choose to consume it.

Turkey Meat Content

The nutrients contained in turkey meat are very diverse, ranging from protein, fat, vitamin B12, folate, selenium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, to calcium. However, the amount of certain nutritional content can vary, depending on which part of the turkey meat is consumed.

Turkey leg or thigh meat is characterized by being darker in color and contains more fat and less protein than other parts of the turkey, such as turkey breast or wing.

The fat content will also increase if you eat turkey meat with skin. The reason is, turkey skin contains high fat so its consumption needs to be avoided or limited. This is because excess fat intake can have a negative impact on health.

Various Benefits of Turkey Meat

It is recommended that you consume turkey meat without skin so that you can get maximum benefits. There are several benefits of turkey meat for health, namely:

1. Increase energy

Consumption of turkey meat is known to increase energy. This is because the content of vitamin B3 in it is able to convert food into energy. In addition, this vitamin is also needed to maintain the health of the nervous system, digestion and skin.

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Apart from being contained in turkey meat, other foods that also contain vitamin B3 are brown rice, tuna, Rompiella mushrooms, green beans, and avocados.

2. Lose weight

If you are on a diet, you can include turkey meat in the diet menu. Consuming turkey meat, especially the breast and without the skin, is known to promote weight loss. This is because the high protein content in it can have a longer full effect.

Thus, the desire to eat excessively can be reduced. To ensure the amount of protein consumption while on a diet, you can consult with your doctor, because everyone’s protein needs vary depending on age, gender, activity, and medical history.

In general, you should ensure that 10–35% of your daily calorie needs are met from consuming protein foods.

3. Prevent anemia

Lack of iron intake can increase the risk of developing anemia, because this one nutrient is needed to produce red blood cells. Therefore, to meet your daily iron needs, you need to eat foods high in iron, one of which is turkey meat.

Turkey meat contains high levels of iron and folate and vitamin B12 which are also needed to produce healthy red blood cells.

4. Control blood sugar levels

Turkey Meat for Health has a low glycemic index. This means that consumption of this meat does not cause rapid spikes in blood sugar, so it is good for people who are at risk of developing diabetes or diabetics to consume it.

However, don’t just rely on turkey meat consumption to control blood sugar levels. You are also advised to reduce consumption of sweet foods, limit high intake of carbohydrates, increase consumption of fibrous foods, and exercise regularly.

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5. Protect the body from the dangers of free radicals

To protect the body from exposure to free radicals, it is recommended that you eat foods that contain selenium, such as turkey meat.

Selenium is known to have antioxidant properties so that it can ward off the dangers of free radicals which can trigger various diseases, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, and cancer.

However, the various benefits of selenium from turkey in preventing and treating various diseases need further research to assess the proper consumption portion and its effectiveness.

6. Support heart health

Consumption of turkey meat is beneficial for heart health, especially if the portion and processing are right. Turkey breast and skinless has more protein than fat, so it doesn’t really trigger an increase in bad cholesterol levels that can interfere with heart health.

Turkey Meat for Health is also good for heart health because it contains the amino acid arginine which can improve blood circulation. The benefits of arginine can be obtained because this compound can dilate blood vessels and make them more relaxed, so that blood can flow more smoothly.

These are some of the health benefits of turkey meat. Apart from consuming skinless turkey meat, you are also advised to consume foods made from fresh turkey meat, not those that have been processed into sausages, nuggets or canned food.

The reason is because processed turkey meat usually contains high levels of salt so it is not good for health. To find out the recommended dose of turkey meat consumption, you can consult with your doctor, especially if you are suffering from certain diseases that need to be maintained food intake.

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